SUCCEED® Digestive Conditioning Program


SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program supports a healthy digestive system for optimal appearance, temperament and performance. It may be beneficial for gastric or colon health, diarrhea, weight gain, immune support, coat condition, muscle development, attitude and performance.

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Developed as a real world solution to digestive imbalance in performance horses, yet any horse living in stabled conditions can benefit from the SUCCEED®!
Why does your horse need SUCCEED®? Digestive imbalance is an “occupational hazard” for the modern performance horse. The digestive system of the horse is designed to support a very specific lifestyle – grazing freely in herds, with low level activity, and constant consumption of grass. This type of forage is not sufficient to provide the energy horses need for performance. However grain feed, which does provide the energy, is not easily digested by horses. Even horses used primarily for pleasure riding are typically kept in stalls and fed on a diet of processed grain and hay. SUCCEED® Digestive Conditioning Paste works on the underlying digestive imbalance caused by these modern horse care practices. Succeed ensures that your horses digestive tract is in optimal health and condition.

The secret to SUCCEED’s® effectiveness is in the synergistic relationship of the component ingredients. First, they work together to ensure optimal delivery and impact where needed. Second, the ingredients are formulated to address every aspect of optimal digestive health.

Just feed SUCCEED® once a day, every day orally via paste syringe. That’s it. No special mixing. No complicated feed program.

Orders are cases of 90-day supply paste syringes. FREE shipping.

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